To setup the email account we will need:
Internet connection:Edge, 3G, Wifi
Agnitek email: Username and Password
Agnitek Instructional Image 1

  • 11. Select Settings Icon→Mail, Contacts, Calanders

    Add Account→Other
    Add Mail Account

    Agnitek Instructional Image 2

  • 2. Enter account info
    Name: Could be anything “John Appleseed”
    Password: Your Password
    Description: Could be anything “Work Account”

  • 3. Select POP

  • 4. Enter Incoming Mail Server Info
    Host Name: mail.
    Username: ***This is the Full email account***
    Password: Your Password
    Agnitek Instructional Image 3

  • 5. Enter Outgoing Mail Server
    Host Name: mail.
    Username:***This is not optional***
    Password: Your Password

  • 6. Click Save, it will verify the account (If this fails check spelling, password, and account existence)
    We are not done yet.

  • 7. Select the newly made account and then scroll down to Outgoing mail server

  • 8. Select SMTP “”→Select the primary server
    Make sure all field are filled in
    SSL is Off
    Authentication: Password
    Server Port: 25 or 2525

  • 9. Click done and then back once
    Agnitek Instuctional Image 5

  • 10. Select Advanced→Primary Server
    Remove: After one week, or one month
    SSL is Off***You will have to select***
    Authentication: Password***May have to select
    Delete from server: Never
    Server Port: 110 *** This will have to be changed***
    Go back and then click Done.
    The account should now be setup. If you want to try it out, you can send a test message.