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SPAM Filter Toolbar for Outlook

The SPAM Filter Toolbar for Outlook is a plug-in for your mail client. This will give you the option to select multiple messages and report them as SPAM. This is an ongoing effort to improve our filtering processes and rid your Inbox of SPAM. This Toolbar may not work as intended if you use only Microsoft Exchange (without POP3 mail also). If you use Exchange, please forward your messages (as attachments) to instead. Please see more details above in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Download –  SPAM Filter Toolbar for Outlook

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When you forward a message in-line (by just hitting Forward in most programs (i.e. Outlook)), you lose important header information. In order to correctly inspect a message, the original headers must remain in tact. You can preserve the original headers by forwarding the message as an attachment.

You will need to make a daily practice of checking your SPAM filter digest email message to either leave in quarantine, release from quarantine, or release from quarantine and report that future emails from that sender are okay and not subject to quarantine. This might take a bit of extra time initially, but once you have approved these senders once, you will not need to approve them in the future. Therefore, your junk mail report provided in the SPAM Filter Digest will ultimately become just undesirable email.

You can download the install file from the link at the bottom of this page.
The new AgniTEK spam appliance has many ways of combating spam. One of these methods is to first respond to message senders with an error. All normal email servers are required to attempt to send the message again which result in receipt and transfer of the email message to you. Spam servers however, because they send so many messages a day, will give up after the first attempt. Most of the spam you used to receive is eliminated through this method called Grey Listing. Rest assured that NO good email messages are ever deleted and only the most persistent spam will show up in your digest.
To resolve this issue, please review “Turn on disabled links in a message” on this page:

Also note that you cannot enable links with the message in the Junk E-Mail folder. Move the message to your Inbox for processing.

By selecting View you can read the individual email in question, but it will remain in quarantine and future emails from that sender will continue to be blocked.

By selecting Release that individual email will be released from quarantine and sent to your inbox. However, future emails from that sender will continue to be dropped into quarantine.

By selecting Release & Report that individual email will be released from quarantine and sent to your inbox, AND future emails from that sender will NOT be dropped into the quarantine, but will be delivered to your inbox without delay. We recommend you select Release & Report for good messages.

If you believe that the message is SPAM, then no further action is needed on your part. The SPAM message will not show on any further digests, and will bedeleted automatically after 7 days.

If you receive a message that should have been tagged as SPAM, please forward that message as an attachment to Report SPAM and it will be processed for future blocking.

The quarantined messages displayed in your digest are automatically deleted after 7 days.
You will receive a digest of received SPAM & Virus messages every 24 hours.
The best thing to do is to use the SPAM Filter Toolbar for Outlook to report messages as SPAM. See the bottom of this page for more details on how to install it.

If you are not able to install the Outlook toolbar, you can instead forward that message (as an attachment) to Report SPAM and it will be processed for future blocking.

Some programs have “Forward as an Attachment” as an option. Outlook offers it as a setting. If you just want to do it with one message, there is an easy work-around. If there are multiple messages, then use the CTRL key to select them from you Inbox. Once you’ve selected all of them, click Forward. This will create a new message with the selected messages as an attachment. This is one way. Another way is to create a new message and drag-and-drop the message that you want to forward, into the body of the new message. This will make that message an attachment. Use these methods to forward any SPAM that wasn’t filtered to Report SPAM.