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Upcoming: Household Hazardous Waste & Computer Collection Event

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On Saturday, October 1 from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the University Services Building, residents from the Brazos Valley will be able to dispose of household hazardous waste and computers free of charge.

Common examples of household hazardous waste include pharmaceuticals and medical waste, solvents, pesticides, caustic cleaners, used motor oil, batteries, oil, paint and computers.

Please keep in mind that televisions, household garbage, 55-gallon drums, ammunition, explosives and tires will not be accepted.

Small businesses and municipal departments will be able to dispose of computer components but will not be able to dispose of other hazardous wastes at this event.

Visit the City of College Station events page for more information.

Disaster Recovery Planning

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There a few large firms in the world that actually think about disaster planning and consider it an integral part of their business; most small and medium business tend to think small and ignore these vital issues. Irony of the matter is that big businesses that are already stable and successful happen to save themselves when a disaster strikes and poor small and medium businesses are the ones suffering the major loss- to the extent that the business might shut down. But all that can change; you can save yourself millions of dollars if you just think smart and act fast-engage in a disaster recovery plan.

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15 Reasons to Consider Virtualization

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The latest innovation in the IT industry is virtualization, everyone seems to be talking about, researching it on the internet and looking into ways that can help install virtualization in their offices. Now, why is that? What is the sudden hype all about? For people who are new to this concept let me start from scratch- virtualization provides a computer environment for multiple virtual machines to exist and work on single computer hardware.

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Are You Ignoring Customers?

post image used with permission from the HP solutions Site Customer Feedback Want to respond to your customers' needs instantly? Learn more about becoming an Instant-On Enterprise Out of frustration, a team of gardeners wanted to fence a flowerbed after visitors repeatedly cut through it. But one visionary saw things differently and had a path installed instead. After all, it wasn't just any destination—it was Disneyland. Founder Walter "Walt" Disney understood that guests knew where they wanted to go, and it was the staff's job to give them what they wanted. Just like those guests, customers—both in business and the public sector—seek the easiest path. If you don't help your customers get there, your competitor will. Unfortunately, many organizations are losing supporters by ignoring customer feedback on a daily basis without realizing why. High Tech vs. High Touch Technology can be one of your greatest assets—as long as it's used appropriately. Technology usage is the most critical differentiator. Leaders mu ...
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Four Habits for Effective Workplace Communication

post image by Marlene Chism Often it is our little habits that prohibit effective communication in the workplace. Whether it’s giving too much advice, offering too much leniency, or sharing too much excitement or passion, here are four habits to increase effective communication in the workplace. Hold your Tongue When your employees are excited, it means they are engaged, so let them talk. This will take self-control, especially if you love to teach or love to share examples and stories. Take a step back and a deep breath instead of rushing to add your two cents. When you interrupt someone, you are simply taking up air space. Even if you are anxious to interject your own point of view, wait. The other person is unable to hear you when he is focused on finishing what he has to say. Encourage your employees to speak about their successes and ideas and you will keep them engaged. Hold your Advice It’s easy to get into the habit of advising and rescuing rather than making them think, but giving advice too quickly ...
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5 Tips for Building Connected Work Teams with Online Collaboration Tools

post image used with permission from Microsoft small Business Site Anyone who has tried to manage a geographically dispersed work team knows how challenging it can be to keep the lines of communications open and efforts well-coordinated. Time zone differences delay communications, different communications styles cause misunderstandings, and activities are difficult to schedule. To complicate matters, it's not easy to make sure that everyone has the latest progress updates, project information and changes to customer requirements. Too many companies are still relying on phone calls, emails and expensive on-site meetings to manage their team collaboration and keep projects on schedule. That's unfortunate when current technology can help build a connected work team and make long-distance collaboration so much simpler. Here are five tips for using online collaboration tools to build connected work teams: #1 Maintain one version of the truth Many of the challenges in project management stem from individual team mem ...
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Five Steps Toward Disaster Preparedness

post image used with permission from Cisco Small Business Site For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the impacts of a disaster can result in loss of or lack of access to data, applications, and work facilities. Hurricane Katrina's devastation of the U.S. Gulf Coast in 2005 impacted countless businesses, from retail stores and hotels to major corporations. Those with disaster recovery plans in place fared much better than those without such contingency plans. More SMBs Beginning to Plan for Disasters While the business impacts of disasters—such as the loss of data and communications infrastructure, leaving a business unable to function—are widely understood, SMB have been slower to develop disaster recovery plans as compared to larger organizations. But that appears to be changing. According to the Yankee Group's 2006 U.S. Small and Medium Business IT Survey, after security the other major concerns of SMBs are now backup and restore and then application and data availability. Globally, spending on data pro ...
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File organization tips: 9 ideas for managing files and folders

post image used with permission from Microsoft at Work The tips in this article can help you master file management by supplying some tips to help you better manage and organize computer files. After you’ve decided on a strategy for organizing and managing files and folders, we bet you’ll see improved time management skills and increased productivity. Tips to manage your files better Use these tips to help with organizing your computer files. 1. Use Documents. For many reasons, it's smart to take advantage of the Documents feature, which is called Documents in Windows 7 and in Windows Vista and is called My Documents in Windows XP. To open Documents in Windows 7 and Vista, click Start, and then click Documents to discover an easy way to store your personal documents. In Windows 7, the Documents feature is actually a virtual library. By default, the Documents library includes your My Documents or Documents folder and the Public Documents folder. You can customize the Documents library (in addition to the Music, Pic ...
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Employee Spotlight - Antonio Ortiz

post image Antonio Ortiz is the Co-Owner and Director of Operations at AgniTEK. He has worked at the company since it began serving corporate clients in the summer of 1999. He started as a technician and worked onsite with clients’ networks, servers, and workstations every day for AgniTEK’s first 6 years. As the customer base grew, Antonio refocused his efforts on enhancing project management and customer services. Today, Antonio spends the majority of his time communicating with his clients and finding ways to make their lives easier. Antonio most enjoys the problem-solving aspect of his professional life. Receiving a Telecommunication Engineering Technology degree from Texas A&M University in 2005, he graduated with the skills and desire to help his clients decrease their costs, increase their revenue, and handle their technology stress more effectively. To accomplish these goals, Antonio enjoys using new technologies, highly skilled teams, and –sometimes- just simple common-sense. When he’s not working, Antonio p ...
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