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Fortis Webinar: Tips & Tricks Part II

post image Agnitek would like to announce the hosting of a Fortis Webinar on Friday, June 3rd at 1 pm ET by Westbrook Technologies. This invitation-only webinar will provide customers with advantageous tools with interaction between the Fortis experts at Westbrook Technologies and their much-valued clientele. "Tips & Tricks Part II -- Focus On Query and Edit" will inform and instruct customers on how to search text found in annotations, run a search right from the desktop without having to access the Fortis client software, and more time and money saving tips that can be utlized in order to streamline your office processes. Learn how to use various Fortis shortcuts in action in this resourceful Webinar on Friday, June 3rd at 1pm by simply following this link.
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Lemonade Day BCS

post image The Brazos Valley celebrated their first annual Lemonade Day on Sunday, May 1st 2011. With well over 1,200 registrations to participate in this entrepreneurship opportunity, Lemonade Day brought the Bryan/College Station community together to foster goal setting, business plan development, budget planning, and community involvement in our youth. This successful event was an opportunity for the Bryan/College Station area to engage our future business men and women in fun, free, and exciting entrepreneurship. Several local entrepreneurs, as well as The Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship at Texas A&M’s Mays Business School helped gain widespread involvement throughout the community. AgniTEK is looking forward seeing our community’s young entrepreneurs return for Lemonade Day BCS 2012!  
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Employee Spotlight- Becky Jacobson

post image As AgniTEK continues to grow and develop into an influential regional technology firm, we take pride in our employee’s overwhelming amount of dedication and attentiveness to our customer’s needs. Becky Jacobson, a Texas A&M University graduate of 2007, joined AgniTEK’s web team in 2006 and currently serves as the IS Project and Account Manager in the Web Development Team. Becky is creative and forward-thinking, and she has the ability to adapt each individual client’s needs to conform to the industry’s newest technological innovations. When she isn’t developing websites or integrating new SEO strategies into clients’ websites, Becky enjoys being outside, playing with her Boston Terrier, fishing, and finding new recipes to cook up in the kitchen. Favorite Color: Red Favorite Movie: Legally Blonde Favorite Type of Food: Mexican Favorite Aspect of Working at AgniTEK: “My favorite thing about my job is working with people in different industries. During the development of a website I get to learn about a ...
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Client Profile

post image Voices for Children recruits, trains, and supports volunteers from the community to be advocates for children in foster care. VCF’s Court Appointed Special Advocates (or CASAs) assist a child or sibling set who have been placed in the state’s custody because of abuse or neglect by interviewing the child and service providers; reviewing all relevant records; participating in mediations and staffing, as well as specific tasks as directed by the court. They represent the child’s best interest. Voices for Children was established in the Brazos Valley in 2000, and since has expanded to serve nearly 70% of the children in Brazos County, 50% in Grimes and 40% in Burleson who are in the state's custody. With a goal to have 100% of the children in Brazos, Grimes, and Burleson Counties having a CASA volunteer speaking for them, Voices for Children recently teamed with AgniTEK to launch their new website. Visit to learn more about this organization, donate to their cause, or volunteer as a CASA ...
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Unsung Heroes - How Routing & Switching Keep the Business Going

post image used with permission from the Cisco Website Routers and switches are the building blocks for all business communications from data to voice and video to wireless access. They can improve a company’s bottom line by enabling your company to increase productivity, cut business costs, and improve security and customer service. Specifically, routers and switches support: Sharing applications Provide staff access to business applications Improve employee productivity Using routing and switching technologies allows your staff, even those located in different locations, to have equal access to all your business applications, information and tools. Keeping everyone connected to the same tools can increase employee productivity. Routing and switching also can provide access to advanced applications and enable services, such as IP voice, videoconferencing and wireless networks. Speeding access to information Manage information efficiently Review what is happening across your business ...
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Should You Own Your Servers?

post image   used with permission from the Microsoft Business Site Technology buyers today have more choices than ever before. Hardware and software can be purchased, leased or rented. Software can deployed "on-premise" or accessed "on demand" using cloud computing offerings, where you pay a monthly fee for software access. Each of these options have their place. In spite of the trend toward cloud computing, many companies are still buying servers and software to run their business. In fact, most businesses will deploy one or more servers in-house for needs which are not effectively met by in-cloud services. Before you go out and buy your own servers, consider your options. A server purchase requires an upfront investment, but over the course of several years, you may meet your business objectives much more effectively by buying servers and software vs. using cloud computing or co-location (data center rented server space) options. When you use cloud computing, you're also usually limited to standard optio ...
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Disaster-Proof Your Business

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If you're a business owner, you need to know how to protect your business.  Try as we might, there's often no way to skirt disaster — whether it's national, personal or weather induced. But there are strategies to cope with it as best we can, no matter if its source is a burst river levee, a thoughtlessly discarded match, or the deranged actions of others. Knowing what to do in the event of a disaster is crucial for anyone, of course, but particularly for a small-business owner, whose livelihood may depend on a small storefront or home basement office.  Start with some strategies.

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