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My IT Department – Why So Much Harder to Manage Than the Rest?

post image by Chris Geiser - PC Solutions - In the last 5 years PCS has evolved from an IT consultancy to an IT support organization, relying on our people, processes, and controls to achieve our performance objectives. Our focus on service level improvements has, at times, been revealing about how IT personnel prefer to function. Today, I wanted to share a little bit of what we have been learning in the hopes that it can help you continue to improve the usefulness and efficiency of your IT systems. So, what’s different about your IT department than, say, your Human Resources, Sales, or Finance departments? If You’re Not Measuring It, You’re Not Managing It If you are a business executive, you may not be an expert in any of those other departments. However, when circumstances require you to do so, you spend a week or two in and around those departments and get up to speed. You observe the inputs, the outputs, and the performance metrics. Then, you identify performance gaps and inspire new ( ...
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Start small, get big results with business analytics

post image used with permission from the IBM website How does your organization make business decisions? Do you go with a "gut feeling" because you lack accurate and complete data? Or do you have visibility into your processes, performance, offerings and customers to support smart, fact-based decisions? With business data today growing at exponential rates, the need also is increasing to gather, analyze and use data wisely. In a highly instrumented, interconnected and intelligent world, business analytics can help your midsize organization achieve valuable insights and build competitive strengths. Using business analytics, a smart organization can enhance opportunities for profitable growth, optimize the allocation and deployment of resources and capital, and proactively manage risk. A company using business analytics is not overwhelmed by today’s vast amounts of data and instead can turn that data into a business advantage. But where does a company begin? Know when you're ready In business planning and operations ...
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Why Your Small Business Needs an Intranet

post image by Kim Komando Reprinted with permission from the Microsoft Small Business Center One thing I like about running a small company is the ability to act quickly. Decisions are not bogged down by layers of management. In fact, most moves are made with the interested parties meeting around a conference table. But there can come a point when your business outgrows this arrangement. You need constant, reliable and secure communications with others in the company to ensure successful growth. You need an intranet. An intranet is similar to a Web site, and it uses Internet protocols, but it's an internal network exclusive to one company. (An "extranet" also is an internal or private Web site, but access privileges are extended to designated customers, partners and/or others.) Most large corporations use intranets. Information distribution is a huge task when you have 10,000 or more employees.Intranets can help cure that headache. I hear you, "I don't have anywhere near 10,000 employees!" But I can give you ...
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Five Essential Elements of Business Recovery

post image The article re-printed courtesy of IBM ForwardView eMagazine  In the current business environment, the old adage "time is money" applies now more than ever. So what happens when everyday operations are disrupted? According to the U.S. Labor Department, more than 40 percent of all companies that experience a disaster never reopen - and more than 25 percent of those that do reopen after a disaster occurs will close down for good within two years. But even if your company doesn't go through a major disaster, chances are high that it will experience the negative consequences of unplanned outages that make business as usual impossible. The problem is amplified in challenging economic times, says Warren Sirota, a segment executive with IBM Business Continuity and Resiliency Services. "If the business is already suffering from lower revenue because of the economy and a significant outage occurs, the impact can be much more dramatic than during good times," he says. Downtime quickly becomes revenue loss Ev ...
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Bringing Cloud Computing Down To Earth

post image by Susan Twombly used with permission from the HP Enterprise Business Website What is the cloud all about? Does it offer different kinds of technology-based services? Is it different than enterprise computing? Is it the next big thing? The answer to all those questions is a resounding "yes!" The cloud brings together all these things and more to create new services to solve business problems unsolved by traditional approaches. The cloud provides a rich, new source for bringing technology-enabled services to the business. Massively scalable services no longer need to be delivered by internal or outsourced data centers. Instead, they can be delivered by cloud service providers via their vast computing resources. Bringing value to the business Cloud computing shifts the focus from how an IT service is implemented or hosted, to what business value it delivers. And that's the very essence of what a service-centric IT strategy is all about - linking services to specific business outcomes. Moving forward, we ...
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Ideas to Help You to Use SharePoint Effectively in Your Business

post image Top 20 ways that SharePoint can solve your common business needs. And I want to emphasize that these 20 are only a few of the many ways to utilize SharePoint. 1 Store all your emails on a secure and centralized Website for easy archive. 2 Keep a central task location for assigning tasks to team members. These tasks will automatically show up in your team's Outlook 2007 To-Do List. Those tasks will also link to your projects so you can easily find out what tasks are still open for each project. 3 Organize large events and store the related documents, assigned tasks, and generally post anything and everything related to the events. It will also integrate with Outlook for added efficiency. 4 Collaborate with team members on all documents and stay on top of who did what. Earlier versions can easily be restored in case ...
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