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ManageIT Patch - Defintion 2.06.030

post image We have just pushed out ManageIT definition update 2.06.030 from testing to stable on the distribution server. Your next ManageIT CheckIn should pick up this new version. This update includes: •    Update Mozilla Firefox Rapid Release branch from v8.0.1 to v9.0 •    Update Mozilla Firefox 3.6.X branch from v3.6.24 to v3.6.25 •    Java Run Time 7.X branch from v7 update1 to v7 update2 •    Java Run Time 6.X branch from v6 update29 to v6 update30 •    Update iTunes from v10.5.1 to v10.5.2 •    Update Safari from v5.1.1 to 5.1.2   Look for updates for Adobe Reader 9.4.7 and a build of Thunderbird yet this week. If you have any questions on the changes in this version or anything else with ManageIT please feel free to contact support or call 888-4-AGNITEK.
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BYOD, Are You Prepared? Questions You Should Ask

post image  No, I’m not talking about having a party but rather one of the hottest topics in technology today. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is becoming an absolute factor in almost every business today. Your employees, vendors, and guests all probably bring some type of personal communication device or their own notebooks to your workplace every day. Many employees are using their own devices to connect to your business networks, if for nothing more than the receipt of your corporate email. So why is BYOD a hot topic? Many companies provide their employees laptops and smartphones to serve as their business computing and mobile communications devices. The business owns those devices, and as a result, the business can control the security of those devices and any business data that the user had downloaded to them. When Blackberry was a standard, Blackberry server handled many of the business security concerns present in mobile devices. Today, we see that burden of security falling back on the business and their IT d ...
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When Subscription Lists Go Bad: e-Marketing TLC

post image  Be honest with me. When was the last time you looked at your e-marketing statistics in Constant Contact, MailChimp, ConnectWise Marketing Manager, or whichever email service provider you use? If you said "yesterday" or "this week" or "every time I send out a campaign," you get a gold star. But here's your next question: When was the last time you analyzed your statistics and acted on them? E-marketing has an illusion of simplicity about it – maybe because it's digital, maybe because there are so many services and tools that claim to make it easy as pie. With a few clicks of a button you can send an email campaign to thousands of people, and then never look at it again. And if you never look at it again, you might miss the fact that most everyone who got it isn't looking at it either. I’ve run into this issue a couple of times in the last few weeks, both from working on cleaning up our own subscription lists and from talking to clients. It takes effort to review your sent emails, campaigns, and e-inv ...
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The Future of Windows

post image  Microsoft held their first ever Build Conference in Anaheim in September. It’s a new annual event for Windows developers to gather and learn about building applications for the Windows platform. This one was special not only because it was the first, but also because leading up to it, all the buzz was about how much of Windows 8 Microsoft would show and what details we would learn about the next version of the most popular operating system in the world. Microsoft did not disappoint. They have showed demos, talked about features and functions, and even made an open beta immediately available to all who are interested to download, play with, and Microsoft hopes develop applications for. The buzz leading up to the conference has grown into a fever pitch with partners, developers, and customers all extremely excited about the next Windows release. What is it about this platform that Microsoft is doing right, and why is everyone so excited? First off, Windows has a new look and feel. The next interface, du ...
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How to photograph holidays and special occasions

post image  The problem with most photos taken during the holidays or other special celebrations is that they don’t capture the special feeling of the season or event. That’s why most holiday, anniversary, birthday, and graduation pictures seem so average. Why settle for ho-hum photos? With preparation and just a few simple tips on photography techniques and photo effects, you can turn your digital photographs into unique works of art that you and your family and friends will enjoy looking at for years. 1. Plan ahead for special occasion mailings The classic problem with holiday photos that you want to use for cards, your annual family letter, or other special mailings is that they have to be taken weeks in advance. Some decorations, like Christmas trees, might not be available, or you might not want to take your menorah or other once-a-year holiday decorations out of storage so far in advance. Or maybe there’s no snow on the ground. It's never too early to think about the perfect image to accompany your specia ...
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When Disaster Strikes - The Big Bad Wolf

post image  It may be superstition, but many of us still believe that catastrophes come in 3s. In the case of a catastrophic loss of business facility (i.e. hurricane, earthquake, waterlogging of fire hoses), many businesses get to experience all three of these catastrophes within the span of a few short days (or even hours). Firstly, one must endure the physical and emotional trauma of experiencing the actual disaster. Secondly, one must pick through the pieces and assess how bad things really are. Thirdly, and the most delicate, will be communicating with employees and customers, having to tell them what’s happened, how bad it is, and what uncertainties the future holds. A Backup System Alone is Not a Disaster Recovery Plan Most small business managers rise to their positions because they have the vision and drive to succeed. For them, planning for a disaster can feel like planning to fail. They don’t like to think about what a disaster would do to their business continuity, so they don’t. Of course, they appr ...
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Are your emails falling into a black hole?

post image  It’s so frustrating: you regularly send out emails and then sit staring at your computer, waiting for some sort of response. Don’t you sometimes get the feeling that you’re just sending words out into a black hole? Of course, you can never "ensure" that emails are going to be read or acted upon. It’s a sad result of the information overload we suffer from. People who sit working at their computers for hours every day might have the time, energy and interest to open the numerous messages which fill their inbox—or they might not. So what is it exactly that tips them over the delicate, crucial line between “read” and ”leave for later/delete”? The answer is that most recipients of emails often decide whether or not to read them because of two things: the “subject” line and the “from” line. They must recognize who the email is coming from They must see a benefit or reason to open it So consider these useful tips before you send your next mail: 1. Keep it short Would you immediately open and read an em ...
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