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Domain Registry of America Scam Alert

post image (Click the letter above to enlarge.) AgniTEK wants to remind you to stay vigilant against scams during the upcoming holiday season. We have received a few reports of our clients receiving ‘phony bills’ relating to domain names they have registered.  The scam comes in the form of a letter from the “Domain Registry of America” or “Domain Renewal Group” urging you to pay them to renew your domain name. However, the agreement included in the letter is actually a contract to transfer the domain name from your current host to the Domain Registry of America (at an inflated price and without hosting). If you receive a letter to this effect, don’t worry and don’t send them your money. Luckily, no AgniTEK clients have been taken by the scam. However, please do not hesitate to contact AgniTEK at 979-260-TECH(8324) if you receive any suspicious correspondence regarding your website or IT system.
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ManageIT Patch – Definition 2.06.029 - Mozilla & Adobe Updates

post image We have just pushed out definition update 2.06.028 from testing to stable on the ManageIT distribution server. Your next patch window should pick up this new version. If you do not see this definition version after your next scheduled window please contact support. This update includes: •    Update Mozilla Firefox Rapid Release branch from v7.0.1 to v8.0 •    Update Mozilla Firefox 3.6.X branch from v3.6.23 to v3.6.24 •    Update Mozilla Thunderbird from v7.0.1 to v8.0 •    Update Adobe Flash from v11.0.1.152 to v11.1.102.55 •    Update Adobe Shockwave v11.6.1.629 to v11.6.3.633 If you have any questions on the changes in this version or anything else with ManageIT please feel free to contact us at or by calling 888-4-AGNITEK.
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3 Steps to Streamline Your Next Project

post image Reprinted with permission from the Microsoft Small Business Center Have you ever had a project "go sideways" on you? When it happens to you, it feels like you are treading water. You're working hard, but going nowhere. After building a beautiful coordinated project plan in Microsoft Project or Microsoft Excel, your dates start slipping. You can see that too much time is being wasted on unnecessary communications, but how do you take back control? Typically, the problem isn't in the upfront planning, it's in the ongoing communication and collaboration. Follow these three steps to ensure all team members are on the same page, making progress to your mutual goal. 1. Create a collaboration site. Endless hours are wasted and bandwidth consumed from circulating documents via email. The larger the project, the worse this problem becomes. Because the document isn't centrally stored, multiple versions are created, and that's where questions and confusion pop-up. "Is this the latest version? Has John reviewed this? ...
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3 ways to convert documents to PDFs

post image PDF is a file format that allows text (including fonts) and images to be embedded into a non-editable document. This file format is great for documents that you do not want changed or that you want to make sure anyone can open. There are multiple ways that you can convert your non-PDF documents (such as Word files and Excel spreadsheets) into PDFs. Using Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 If you have Microsoft Office 2010, you can easily save documents as PDFs in Word, Excel, and other programs by going to File > Save As > Adobe PDF. (In Office 2007, you an also look for the Acrobat tab on the ribbon and click Create PDF.) Simply save the PDF with the name and location you want it to have and the PDF will generate. Using CutePDF CutePDF is one of many free programs that allow you to convert documents by "printing" them. You can download CutePDF online at Install the program that you downloaded. Now, when you go to print a document, in the list of printers you can print to, you’ll ...
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5 ways to win the PC security battle

post image Reprinted with permission from the Microsoft Small Business Center by Heather Clancy Yes, as you've doubtless heard umpteen times, even the smallest business is vulnerable to a PC or network security breach. But you can find some peace of mind simply by taking some preventive measures. Better yet, by taking action before an incident occurs. IT consultants believe that the most effective data security policies are those that treat security not just as an IT problem but as an underlying business process. What good are firewalls, for example, if you don't have a way for trusted business partners to access your network from a remote location? How effective is a software patch management service if telecommuting employees who are rarely in the office aren't encouraged (or forced) to update? Step one for any security strategy means getting your entire organization involved in the discussion. If you're an IT type, find yourself a champion who has line-of-business responsibilities; someone who understands your c ...
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Remote working is no longer an employee perk, it's a business necessity

post image Reprinted with permission from the Microsoft Small Business Center The kind of office most of us are familiar with is a building with four walls and a roof that we probably drive to 40 or so hours each week, Monday through Friday. Today, many companies still maintain traditional offices, but the decision makers are also discovering that to compete in the current economy, employees must be able to do their jobs anywhere, anytime. Microsoft recently commissioned a survey conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs among more than 4,500 information workers in 15 U.S. markets to better understand opinions and attitudes related to mobile and internal business technologies and capabilities. The survey results further underscore the growing requirement for mobile work solutions - more than half of respondents (57%) report that their company has a formal telework policy and more than three quarters of information workers (77%) say their company provides access to technology support for working remotely. Working without wal ...
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Protecting your wireless network

post image Reprinted with permission from the HP Small Business Center Why wireless security? When you have a wireless network, you need to make sure it's kept secure. An unencrypted network presents the potential for security breaches. Wireless technologies that provide long-range connectivity can't be contained within an office. When you use a network that's not secure, hackers could potentially "capture" the information you're sending back and forth. This means passwords, records, and more. Isn't my network already secure? With some older wireless technologies, like Bluetooth, access is limited by physical proximity to the corporate network. However, wireless technologies that provide long-range connectivity, such as 802.11n, can't be contained within an office space. That means anyone within range of a non-secure network can gain access. What happens if I don't secure my network? It may seem harmless to offer your network's access to outside users, but it's more than just letting people surf the Internet for ...
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How Smart Is Your Phone?

post image Millions of BlackBerry users around the world had their work, business, and social lives severely affected recently after a server crash that disconnected smartphone users across the globe. The three-day outage interrupted email messages and Internet services for customers spanning five continents. In today's world of continuous communication, a network disruption can be detrimental to your business. Below are some simple tips to keep you and your employees connected during an outage. SMS Text Updates: Regardless of the severity of the interruption, it is important you have a way to notify employees, clients, and stakeholders. SMS text messaging has proven to work when other mobile functions are down. Backup Contacts: Keep your contacts updated across all channels, including phone, email, and social media. This will make it easy to reach out to the right people quickly. Update Your Website: Know how to quickly update your website to address the situation. Consider having a pre-populated webp ...
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Employee Spotlight - Linda Grasley

post image As AgniTEK continues to grow and develop into an influential regional technology firm, we take pride in showcasing some of our stellar employees. Linda Grasley, our Administrative Assistant, has been working for AgniTEK since March of this year. Originally hailing from Canada, Linda handles the dispatch of service tickets to our technicians. She is also the point person for the invoicing and processing of payments made by clients. Most importantly, Linda is usually the smiling face greeting you when you come by our office!   Linda enjoys how the work pace at AgniTEK is "thankfully busy”. She states, “I love the interaction with our clients and trying to help them. In this job you hit the ground running, shortly after 8 A.M. the phone starts ringing as people get to work and start up their computers." As a member of the AgniTEK team, Linda enjoys most "The people I work with and the variety of things I do each day. There is never a dull moment!" When Linda isn’t working, she enjoys antiquing, reading m ...
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