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Feel That Image: New research develops images that can be both seen and felt

Geode digital wallet is the techy wallet of the future

The Next PowerPoint Augmented reality presented by a magician’s hands

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Army of Tech Servants: Robots that fly and cooperate

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No More Bar Codes: Supermarket Checkout Scanner Uses Object Recognition Instead of Bar Codes

Shopping Goes Paperless: New App digitizes shopping rewards and refunds

Spray-On Antenna Material Turns Just About Anything into a Signal Array

post image Presenting at Google’s “Solve for X” gathering, a Utah startup has unveiled a spray-on antenna that improves signals by anything, just about anywhere, into a signal array. Using a novel nanoparticle spray, Chamtech Enterprises demonstrated how their product can be used on all kinds of materials--trees, walls, fabrics--and in all kinds of environments, even underwater. The material relies on a proprietary formula that uses thousands upon thousands of nano-capacitors that automatically align themselves properly when sprayed onto a surface. They charge and discharge quickly, and notably don’t generate much heat--a major selling point for a product that might be sprayed onto anything from wood structures to cell phone cases to vehicle exteriors. The explanation of exactly how this works is better demonstrated than written, and Chamtech’s CEO, Anthony Sutera, does so in detail in the video below. The company is currently riding high on the results of successful tests ...
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MIT’s folding car could revolutionize city driving, but it’ll take some getting used to

post image A concept car from MIT Media Labs has become a reality. The electric Hiriko city car folds down into tight parking places and is very maneuverable, but will need some practice on the driver's part in order to make the most of its abilities. If you live and drive in any modern city, especially one which isn’t well served by multi-storey car parks or clearly marked road-side parking bays, you’ll no doubt be an expert at the parallel parking maneuver. It’s a tricky skill, and one which many drivers still haven’t mastered, but it’s the most effective way of squeezing a car into a tight space. If you’re one of those who still needs several attempts to reverse into a parking spot, then help could be at hand thanks to a team at MIT Media Lab, who’ve been hard at work coming up with a new city car that could do away with the need to perform the maneuver at all. The car is the MIT CityCar, also known as the Hiriko, and while it has been a concept for se ...
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The ABCs of 3D printing

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Cell Phone Survival

post image Water and personal electronics are probably the two most essential elements in this modern life, yet the two don’t get along very well at all. Drop your Blackberry in the drink--or even simply spill your coffee on it--and often enough that’s the end of your device. A California-based company called Liquipel feels your pain, and has devised a clever nanotech solution to the water-meets-brand-new-iPhone problem via a thin, clear coating that causes water to wick right off the guts of your gadgets. Liquipel--that’s the name of both the company and the product--covers devices inside and out with a transparent coating thinner than a human hair that causes water to bead right off their previously moisture-sensitive elements. Properly sealed up with Liquipel, the company claims a smartphone can survive full submergence in water. And just to prove the point, you can see a new Liquipel-treated iPhone 4S back up that claim in the video above.
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